Mustafa Ceylan

Mustafa Ceylan the underdog of the ski scene in western Switzerland. Son of a Turkish immigrant he wasn’t introduced to skiing as all Swiss kids but still made his way to become part of the culture of skiing in Switzerland.

My father wanted me to go for football. That’s where one could earn millions.
— Mustafa Ceylan

With around 14, 15 years old he went with friends to ski for the first time and directly got addicted. He started to know people from the region like Laurent de Martin and Jules Guarneri who produced movies and participated at events.

Mustafa was then an important part of the local heroes “Awone Films” from Villars. That’s where he learned street skiing was travelling with his friends for skiing in and around Switzerland and where he had a little movie parts.

Mustafa in Fribourg 2013 - by Ruedi Flück

Mustafa in Fribourg 2013 - by Ruedi Flück

From being around self made people he also learned to go behind the cameras, bought himself a drone and started doing work for small business in his region. Please check out his work on Instagram: Mustafa Ceylan

Ruedi Flück