Heatseeker by Nicolas Vuignier - The Making of

A paranormal winter tale.

It’s pitch dark on the mountain tops. An outer world light source starts chasing the silhouette of a skier. There’s no place to hide, wherever he turns, it follows. What is it, what does it want, is it hostile or benevolent? This is Heatseeker, the latest short film from swiss professional skier Nicolas Vuignier.

To produce this unclassifiable piece of visual poetry, Vuignier and Guarneri spared no effort. The idea of filming at night a skier illuminated from a drone first sparked in 2015. “We explored various ways to achieve this effect. It was a long and sometimes frustrating creative process marked by many cold nights” explains Vuignier. 

After this long process of struggling with the drone and the flares, Nico also struggled to get his Making of video out. It explains everything. I mean - still you have to imagine some things, but that’s how it is with great artists they struggle themselves to explain, so one can never be sure what come next…

Heatseeker is featuring six of the world’s best freeriders, the action took place in Valais (swiss alps) and was performed safely thanks to local guides and ski patrols. Check out the original Video if you haven’t yet.

Showing you some of the early imagery of the Heatseeker project you will see yourself how much potential is in this creative approach on having a moving light in the sky. Pictures taken by Ruedi Flück

Ruedi Flück